A Great Sport For
Family, Youth, Seniors, Singles & Couples!

Abbotsford Horseshoe Club can make your life a better place!

About Pitching Abbotsford Horseshoes

A Sport For All Ages


We are a community-based organization. Horseshoe pitching is a leisurely sport whereby players pitch against others of equal pitching abilities or skill level. This means an equal level of play for people of all ages from preteens to seniors to those with reduced athletic abilities. A great thing happens to families/couples 

when they play together: They begin to talk and laugh and communication lines tend to open up. Now is the time to be proactive and create those family fun days and memories. 

What sport offers so much for so little exciting community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for our volunteers.

Light Exercise & Fresh Air!


What better way to exercise than walking, bending, and reaching? These are integral parts of this great sport. Doctors have recognized the beneficial aspect of this sport. Its also a cure for loneliness. 


Excitement Of Tournament Play!

A sport that provides incentives, recognition and benefits at Sanctioned Tournaments as well as club play. Horseshoes is an inexpensive sport where tournaments fees are anywhere from $15 to $25 entry fee. All Registration Fees collected are pooled together with 100% paid out back out in winnings. What sport offers so much for so little?

New Friendships!

Horseshoes can be as relaxing enjoyable exercise or as seriously completive as you want. Camaraderie and social interaction are inevitable and before you know it, you are part of a truly fantastic "Horseshoe Family" fitness

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